About Us

Himagz is a technology blog that was founded in 2015 by Aryo Prakarsa. It has since then become one of the most popular independent technology sites on the Internet with regular contributions from freelance writers.

Aryo Prakarsa is a technology enthusiast from Indonesia who is interested in all things technology. He gets excited about technology and likes to tweak, test and review all software and hardware he comes across on his daily Internet journeys.

Aryo worked for his own startup. He created the blog in his spare time initially to provide users on the Internet with unbiased reviews and technology news.


Aryo Prakarsa

Aryo Prakarsa founded Himagz in 2015 to offer easy to understand technology news, tips, tutorials, and reviews to English-speaking users from all over the world.

Contact options

If you have any questions for the team then please feel free to email us: aryo@himagz.com

Himagz is is headquartered in South Tangerang, Indonesia.

You can also contact us per mail at the following address:

  • Himagz
  • c/o Aryo Prakarsa
  • Jl. Cirendeu Raya B.29
  • South Tangerang
  • Indonesia
  • Email: info@himagz.com

Office hours 8-20 GMT+0700 each weekday