Despite TikTok’s rise, Facebook climbs to 577m daily users across Asia


Despite a number of scandals and the rise of short-video app TikTok, Facebook is still adding new users across Asia.

The social network now has 577 million active users each day in Asia, up from 499 million at the end of 2017, according to official figures from Facebook that were released overnight.

This is Facebook’s chart for daily active users around the planet, which now tops 1.5 billion:

While Facebook’s Asian audience share hasn’t seen the kind of drop that it suffered last year in Europe, the app’s growth across Asia is slowing dramatically:

Last year, Facebook saw its lowest-ever levels of growth on the continent, dipping as low as 2.7 percent from Q2 to Q3.

At the same time, TikTok has been gaining ground, particularly among younger smartphone owners.

After initially going viral across Southeast Asia, the meme-filled app is now making inroads across North America.

TikTok has 500 million users each month, though it’s unknown how many jump into the app each day.

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