FaceTime Will Support Up to 32 People on a Group Call


Apple’s FaceTime will support up to 32 people on a group call, up from just two people. FaceTime will support animoji and filters, too.

The update, coming with iOS 12 later this year, also lets you go from a group chat in iMessage directly to a group FaceTime call. Members of the group chat can drop in and drop out of the call at will.

The FaceTime call screen has been redesigned to accommodate all these people. People who are talking will appear in tiles on the screen. These tiles will get larger and move around the screen depending on who’s talking.

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see “the roster,” which contains everyone else on the call. Anyone in the roster will move up to the main area of the screen when they start talking. You can also double tap someone in the roster to see them front and center on your screen.

FaceTime also supports animoji and filters. Anyone in the call can overlay animoji or apply filters to their video streams in the FaceTime call.

iOS 12 now allows you to create custom animoji, too—sort of like Nintendo’s Miis. These will work in FaceTime calls, too. Ghost, koala, tiger, and dinosaur animojis are coming to iOS 12, too.

These new FaceTime features work on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

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