How to convert Excel file into G-Sheets


Want to convert your XLS file to Google Spreadsheet (.gsheet) file format and share it online? It is actually much simpler than you thought. Create a new Google Spreadsheet and import your Excel sheets in it.

Everything is done online using your Google Drive account. Do note that Google Drive is now the new home for Google Docs, where you can store files on the cloud and edit documents, presentations, and spreadsheets at the same time.

First Way: Change the upload settings of your Google Drive

1. Go to the Google Drive website. Sign in with your email and password if you haven’t log in

2. Since we are used V2 Google Drive UI so you just need to upload your excel file into your Google Drive thru the Web UI or Drive File Stream App or Backup and Sync App by default like above

3. Upload your Excel file into drag and drop the file like above

4. Convert that Excel file uploaded as follow by right click on the file it will appeared like below

and choose Open with -> Google Sheets

5. After you clicked open with google sheets it will created new file with the same filename but with different extension file, so it will appeared as folllow

It appeared different icon, for more detail you could click the exclamation icon as follow :

If it’s Goole Sheet file it will show in the Type file under Details tab are Google Sheet instead Excel file like below

That’s it how to convert file from Excel into Google Sheet file

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