How You Can Ask Netflix To Add TV Shows or Movies, But You Probably Don’t Have To


Wish Netflix had your favorite TV show or movie? You can request that they add it on an request tv show or movies page in their documentation, but Netflix probably already knows what you want.

Netflix famously watches everything their customers do. They’re watching you as you scroll, looking for something to watch. They notice when you start watching something only to give up, and they notice when you binge watch something through an entire work day.

Netflix also keeps track of everything you’ve ever searched for, so odds are they know which show and movies you want.

But there’s also a little form for requests, which has the benefit of making you feel like a person with agency who is actively voicing a desire. That page is making the rounds today, and you should go ahead and fill it out—it will feel good, and maybe Netflix weighs these requests slightly more than other datapoints. Stranger things have happened.

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